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Can Doctor Quadres house was built by the "Americano" (those who returned from the Americas) Cristòfol Cuadras i Massó in 1874.
In the 1866 identity card records he is stated as living in El Palou Baix.


Building description:

Detached building located in El Palou Baix, near Sant Pere de Ribes town centre. It has a rectangular floor plan and is structured in three bays.
It consists of a ground floor, first floor and upper floor and has a gable roof with the ridge parallel to the façade. The front is symmetrically arranged along three axes and defined by segmental arched openings framed by a moulding in a different shade. The entrance doorway is a stone segmental arch, with the keystone inscribed with the initials "C C" and the year "1874". The windows on the first floor are enclosed by a ceramic handrail, while the central window opens onto a balcony with wrought iron railings.

Moulded cornices run along the floor levels, with one crowning the façade and having a certain overhang, which precedes a ceramic handrail. The rear façade features two horizontal galleries of five porticoes with a panelled arch, above which there is a walkable terrace. The exterior finish is plastered and painted cream with white frames, cornices and corners.
The house has been completely restored as a hotel, although the decorated ceilings and mosaic floors have been preserved.



Cristòfol Quadres i Massó


15 and 17, Carrer Palou 

Hotel Palou